THE EXCITED HUMAN 3.0 from Head to Toe – goes on-line & around the Globe …

...the D-AUT-CH-Symposium „Der erregte Mensch“ NeuroStimulation interdisciplinary, was the 1st international, scientific symposium for surgical disciplines led by Lucia Ucsnik, MD, MAS, FECSM from 14.-15. September 2016, Medical University Vienna and Comprehensive Cancer Center Vienna, Colorectal Cancer Unit,

...and in 2019 the Workshop „The Excited Human 2.0“ of the 11th Congress of the European Federation for ColoRectal Cancer, 27.-29 April 2019, succeeded together with The Excited Human 2.0 Mini-Symposium – Part II Lecture on Sexual Health, Rehabilitation and the presentation of the Igls-Vienna-SexMed-Survey-Results,


...thus, the logical successor in 2020 is the digitalized, inter-national, inter-professional and inter-disciplinary THE EXCITED HUMAN 3.0 - THE IONM-Academy!

Scientific Board: Lucia Ucsnik, MD, MAS, FECSM & DI(FH) Stefan Wüger, MSc.

Head of Medical Teaching Centre: Gudrun Khünl-Brady Ertl, MD, MSc.




THE IONM-Academy takes care that knowledge about brain and nervesparing procedures, concepts techniques from head to toe are spread continuously including neuromonitoring, -stimulation and -mapping as an option to ensure function of brain and nerve during surgical procedures.

This knowledge serves medical doctors and biomedical technicians in order to treat patients and benefit from brain and nervesparing surgical procedures, -concepts and techniques.



The values respected are accordingly to those of the IHAG. The following aspects are additionally added:

  • competence
  • safety
  • excellence

The target of this on-line learning program is to acquire knowledge and thus build up professional competence in the field of brain and nervesparing surgical procedures, but also intraoperative neuromonitoring, -stimulation and mapping which is not part of most professional surgical trainings yet.

This competence provides safety for the person performing surgical procedures, the surgical team and therefore as a consequence also safety for the patients benefiting from surgical brain- and nervesparing procedures.

Competence and safety as well as the possibilities to apply the knowledge gained in surgical procedures allow us to build up and thus constantly strive for surgical excellence!




Medical Teaching Center

It supports the lecturing experts of THE IONM-Academy to process knowledge in a high-quality way in terms of medical didactic: from conceptualization up to performing and recording online lectures and testing the knowledge acquired via single and/or multiple choice question tests.

The learning-objectives of the modules are edited in sequences of topics. These are aggregated in chapters. A chapter offers the possibility to introduce and communicate a topic relevant to the field of neuromonitoring, -stimulation and -mapping and also nerve-sparing techniques free from lack of time or limited time resources.

At the end of each chapter the knowledge acquired is tested via multiple and/or single choice questions. 80% of the questions need to be answered correctly to be able to continue the next chapter.

In order to ensure learning in a concentrated way and with high attention 3 tries to pass the tests are possible a day. In case of non-passing the test the student may continue after a regenerative break of 24 hours in new freshness.

Part of our modules is a special bonus learning system. You do not only gain knowledge shared by experts but also may collect up to 12 IONM-stars beginning in module I which may be exchanged to IONM-products.

Get to know more about this during the learning-program which is similar to a journey of heroes trough the IONM-universe.



Gudrun Khünl-Brady-Ertl, MD, MSc.

Medical Doctor, pre- and postgraduate medical training

Trainer, tutor, mentor, coach

Head of Centre THE IONM-Academy, Quality assurance & innovation medical didactic


  • a high-quality. It is fun and full of joy to teach and learn in a world, where profound knowledge is taught in an easy comprehensible way. Even more at a place, even virtual, where this knowledge is wanted, needed and applied, where others may build upon the fundement and continue building up further knowledge.

    My mission is innovative medical didactic, on-line lectures and seminars which are profound and orientated along the out-come. I’m looking forward to implementing this vision in THE IONM-Academy! No matther how knowledge is provided – on-line or presence-lectures – medical didactic is of value appreciated in this academy!


    Gudrun Khünl-Brudy-Ertl, MD, MSc. Is head of the Medical Teaching Centre of THE IONM-Academy. She’s responsable for consultation and coaching the lecturing academy-members along the way from a lecture’s content-conceptionalisatoin up to procession and recording in order to provide it on-line in high-quality.


    More than 15 years she’s involved in the management of pre- and postgraduate medical training of Europe’s biggest hospital chains, the Vienees hospital chain. She organized more than 1000 lectures and supervised and coached more than 600 teaching experts. She developed many many teaching programs and modules. She contributed to the development of logbooks for various phases of medical training of young and senior doctors.

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