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THE IONM-Academy gathered & processed knowledge from various fields to support comprehensive learning and knowledge transfer: knowledge structured in modules, from basic to advanced to expert level, addressing all surgical fields from head to toe.

We support your studies whenever you find time: online, on-demand, accessible for 3 months, on all 5 continents.

Enjoy the IONM-universe - internationally unique !
Growing together, providing safety for surgeons and patients, contributing to your surgical excellence!

Acquire knowledge about nerve sparing surgical procedures

  • Spare voice thyroid surgical procedures
  • Save the ability to speak in surgical procedures of the speech area of the brain
  • Save brain function in surgical procedures of tumors in brain and brain stem
  • Ensure mobility in surgical procedures of the spinal cord, spine and thoracic aorta
  • Preserve the senses in surgical procedures in brain, brain stem, spinal cord and spine
  • Save continence and protect sexuality in pelvine surgical procedures relevant to colorectal surgeons, HIPEC-procedures, gyn-oncologic or uro-oncologic surgical procedures

Competence for Safety Safety for Excellence

THE EXCITED HUMAN 3.0 from Head to Toe
goes on-line & around the Globe …

Spare nerval and brain structures in the regions from head to toe ...

THE online learning-program for nerve-and brain-sparing surgical procedures

and intra-operative neuromonitoring, -stimulation and -mapping.

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