MODULE I – Basics

Scientific Board: Lucia Ucsnik, MD, MAS, FECSM & DI(FH) Stefan Wüger, MSc.

Basic knowledge is provided. 

  • The Excited Human 3.0 from Head to Toe
  • Stimulus meets structure - anatomic structures
  • Nerve meets stimulus – physiological mechanisms
  • Technology meets nerval structures and pulse of time - technical basic knowledge for intraoperative Neuromonitoring, -Stimulation and -Mapping
  • Stimulus meets nerval structures – direct stimulation of brain and nerval structures

Markus Hoffermann, MD


Member of ISIN

Member of „The White Matters“ – NGO to promote medical, scientific research

International speaker

Vater of 2 children, 3 and 5 years


  • ...of the nerval systems are at high risk to impaired or even damaged“. Intra-operative neuro-monitoring, -stimulation and mapping (IONM or IOM) describe many methods how to monitor and thus to protect the integrity of nerves, nerval tracts or brain function during surgical procedures. Well-targeted and precise applied neuro-monitoring increases the surgoen’s self-confidence and provides safety for successful surgical results.”

    Markus Hoffermann successfully performed more than 600 intra-operatively neuro-monitored neuro-surgical procedures within the last 12 years. Due to his long-term expertise he supported the building of teams in the field of intra-operative neuro-monitoring in Austria. The international meetings of the scientific NGO “The White Matters” attracted medical experts interested and fascinated  in the field from all over the world. The meetings were sold out within minutes.

    As a lecturing memeber of THE IONM-Academy he provides in-sights in the possiblities IONM-methods: how to best reduce the risk of impairing nerval or brain function. The option of early detection of risks to damage or even destroy nerval or brain structure makes it easier for you to perform surgical procedures in a nerve- and brain-sparing way.


Ao. Univ. Prof. Wolfgang Marktl, MD

Physiologist, scientist, teacher

Head of Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research in  

Physiologic Rhythms, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

President of GAMED, Successor of the founding president

Speaker at universities and universities of applied sciences

Scientific head of national and international meetings, congresses, various scientific projects and publications

Father, grandfather of 3 grand-children



  • and disease in the context between human being and daily environments’ challenges and demands. This field of medicine does not separate and differ physiologic nor psychic factors but perceives human beings as physiologic-psychologic entity.”


    Ao. Univ. Prof. Wolfgang Marktl, MD has been researching and lecturing at the medical university Vienna since 1986 (Medical Faculty as well as Medical University Vienna after it was founded). He still lectures for more than 80 students at the University of Applied Sciences, Vienna. Additionally, he runs the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Research in Physiologic Rhythms, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria. Since 2003 he is president of the Viennese International Academy of Integrative Medicine, GAMED.


    His extraordinary scientific contributions are more than 1000 national and international lectures in the field of physiology such as nutrition, metabolic physiology, cure medicine, medical climatology, balneology, chrono-biology and integrative medicine as well as more than 310 scientific publications.

Lucia Ucsnik, MD, MAS, FECSM

Medical Doctor, Scientist, Medical Teacher, Health Economist, Hospital Manager, Speaker, Reformer, Innovator

General, Integrative, Prevention Medicine

1 out of 800 Fellows of the European Society for Sexual

Medicine worldwide, internationally the only in the field of visceral, aortic and vascular, and transplant surgery

Since 2001 annual lecturing, tutoring at the Medical University Vienna and national as well as international schools 

2005 – 2012 estabilshing and mentoring in health care and social systems, focus Austria and SE-Europe

Since 2013 surgical skills-training in Davos, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna

Since 1997 contribution to the biggest reform of medical curricula since the 19th century

2005 – 2007 negotiation of the biggest health care reform in Austrian health care system since 1950

Von 2006 - 2012 Member of the council of the European Forum Alpbach

Since 2014 dealing with IONM, 2016 establishing of IONM at the university clinic of surgery, coloproctology, the first one in Austria

Member of the board of the ÖGHD and GAMED, founding president of Club Alpbach Medica, founding president of the international network for sexual health care

No children, 2 therapy dogs, 4 therapy cats


  • and nerve-sparing excellence, already starting in the early phase of surgical training and applying surgical skills as well as assisting in surgical procedures continuously step by step with each surgical procedure:

    It influences pre-surgical patients’ information telling, intra-operatively the choice for surgical concepts and also strategies and post-surgical patients’ quality of life.

    IONM is well established in the field of thyroid gland surgical procedures. In the field of coloptroctology and surgical oncology it is quite new. Here Lucia Ucsnik contributed and spread the important topic thanks to being accepted in international top-expert-working groups but also via symposia organized and her research-grant awarded by the European Society for Sexual Medicine. In the field of abdominal and thoracic aortic and vascular surgery the implementation of IONM in daily surgical routine is still in an experimental phase but gained high attention via the international symposium organized at European level in 2019.

    Holistic concepts and sustainable treatment strategies and approaches integrate all kinds of health care professions and discplines needed throughout the whole process of treatment: from the choice of anesthesia-methods up to the options physical therapy and rehabilitation concepts offer post- surgery.

    2013 Lucia Ucsnik started her surgical training at university clinic of the Medical University Vienna in a quite aged phase of life after phases of life working in hospital management at CEO- and medical director level at the age of 27 years and politics at federal level at the age of 31 years. Her vision in surgical research is to build bridges between the disciplines of surgery and sexual medicine.

    After finishing her medical studies and starting to work in hospital management and politics she built the path for contemporary medical didactic, mentoring and applied sciences via organizing international multidisciplinary and multiprofessional symposia. In 2015, 2016 and 2019 she turned to the topics of sexual health, surgical oncology, nerve-sparing surgical procedures and options offered via the support of IONM.

    She is member of more than 25 national and international medical scientific societies and, thus, excellently connected. She held more than 100 lectures at huge international congresses as well as small closed top-expert-meetings as resident-phase of surgical training.

    It was 2014 when she got to know the possibilities of intraoperative neuro-monitoring, -stimulation and -mapping offer on her mission so spare nerval structures and save continence and sexual function

DI(FH) Stefan Wüger, MSc

Biomedical Engineer, Innovation Manager

In 2001 the was one oft he first in the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring.

From 2010 on international professional engagement in the field of IONM, as application-expert training of IONM-biomedical technician-teams as well as IONM-medical doctors teams in Greater Europe (Europe, Africa, Middle East, former Sowjetunion, South-India).

IONM-trainings in USA, Germany, Austria

Father of 2 children, 6 and 8 years old



  • In 2001 I applied IONM in surgical procedures in the thyroid gland, but I was not aware of the importance and relevance of this intra-operative method to ensure brain- and nerval function. I just marginally took notice that IONM was one of the first important possabilities and methods to prevent aphonia in the course of surgical procedures in the thyroid gland and thus ensured patients’ voice. From a biomedical technician’s perspective it was just another interesting method to measure at the beginning.

    By enlarging the field my professional activity in the field of orthopedics I more and more realized how important it is to correctly monitor for patients’ further quality of life. Ever since then I developed my passion to share my knowledge and spread it amongst the method’s applicants and make it accessable.”

    Stefan Wüger trained biomedical and medical specialists in more than 10.000 hours of training, did presentations and supported surgical procedures within the last 19 years. Thanks to his long-time international professional activity his network reaches from the USA up to New Zealand.

    As co-founcer of the IHAG - International Health Academy Ltd and lecturing member of the THE IONM-Academy he provides insights in technical aspects of intra-operative neuro-monitoring, -stimulation and mapping. He shares his long-term experience in order to provide expertise on how to overcome boundaries before and during surgical procedures in the operating theatre. He’s interested to introduce you the IONM-methods as how to apply and implement them as easy as possible in daily professional surgical life to prevent damage of brain or nerval structure and ensure patients’ quality of life. Thus he contributes you striving for surgical success and excellence!

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