Module I available German and English since 19th November 2020

Module II available German and English 3Q 2021

Module III available German and English summer 2021

COMBI-PACKAGE MODULES I + II available 3Q 2021


The rates per module may vary and will be announced at the point of time they are released.

IHAG - International Health Academy GmbH will reserve the right to make changes to the programs, no guarantee of completeness of the momentarily provided information



The online learningprogram consists of several modules which provide, build up and repeat medical knowledge step by step:

MODULE I – Basics

Scientific Board: Lucia Ucsnik, MD, MAS, FECSM & DI(FH) Stefan Wüger, MSc.

Basic knowledge is provided. 

  • The Excited Human 3.0 from Head to Toe
  • Stimulus meets structure - anatomic structures
  • Nerve meets stimulus – physiological mechanisms
  • Technology meets nerval structures and pulse of time - technical basic knowledge for intraoperative Neuromonitoring, -Stimulation and -Mapping
  • Stimulus meets nerval structures – direct stimulation of brain and nerval structures

MODULE II – Advanced

Building upon the knowledge acquired in module I the electricphysiologic assessment are exactly demonstrated and exactly explained.

MODUL III – Expert

According to interest and need to deepen expertise in the world of intra-operative neuro-modulation, -stimulation and -mapping for each surgical discipline a module of its own is provided for joyful learning:

  • thyroid-surgery, throat-nose-ear-specialists and plastic surgery
  • coloproctology, pediatric surgery, gynecology, urology
  • aortic- and vascular surgery
  • traumatology, orthopedics
  • neuro-surgery

Clinical Pearls

Supports top-experts, alone, together with another, or two, three other experts to process and share their expertise and clinical Examples in nerve-sparing techniques and neuro-monitoring, -stimulation and -mapping and put a spot on the background ensured to build up on basic and advanced as well as expert knowledge.

You are expert in a field, that is or could be relevant, important, interesting, fascinating to THE IONM-Academy ?

In this case we warmly invite you to enlarge and deepen the fascinating universe THE IONM-Academy by your contribution – join us and be part of it !

Get in contact with us and use the infrastructure provided! Use our international network and expertise in the field of digital learning !

We are interested to also share your expertise via THE IONM-Academy and make it accessable on-line for these who are interested and curious to learn!

Let's grow together in an international on-line network and be in touch !

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Teaching & Learning for a good CAUSE

Students enable and contribute to research

1 % of the participation fees per student are collected in a pot that is dedicated to research in the field of the learning-module. Therefore, the interest in the topic benefits additionally to

  • the knowledge gained
  • the safety of knowledge for patient treatment and nerve-sparing techniques
  • the strived excellence in the field of nerve-sparing techniques

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