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The power of subliminals - hidden influence, it has been known for many decades. And it is used mercilessly. You too can learn here how to use this power for your personal benefit.

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Finally to the desired dream weight

It sounds too good to be true? It works. Our subconscious-oriented music can trigger what many diets miss: Reach your ideal weight. You can find out exactly how it works here on these pages.

Body's own
healing processes

In most cases, illnesses are due to stress, poisoning, hyperacidity and lack of exercise. In addition, there is an unfavourable mental attitude, which acts like an amplifier. The best way to get out of this trap is through subconscious influence. Our music files are tuned to 432 Hz. You can find out what this means for you here.

Finding the ideal life partner

Loneliness is a danger to life and limb, because we are social beings. A wrongly chosen partner, however, can be a much greater danger. With a realignment of your subconscious you can avoid both dangers.

What does music tuned to 432 Hz trigger in hearing people?

Music tuned to 432 Hz has a very calming and deeply relaxing effect. One can describe the effect of instruments, music and sound in 432 Hz as follows:

Music in this tuning triggers a strong inner "being touched". Sometimes there is a breakthrough - deep sensations.

It is a path to higher states of consciousness and promotes opening up to development and healing processes.

Sleep quality and music tuned to 432 Hz

A study conducted by the ALL India Institute of Medical Sciences Patna (India) on the influence of 432 Hz music on sleep behaviour proved that 432 Hz music had a demonstrably significant calming effect on the subjects. This was shown by an increased alpha activity of the brain waves. This means that 432 Hz music provides mental, psychological and physical relaxation.

Effects of 432 Hz music on the subjective feeling of fear

A study by the University of Florence (Italy) and the University of Milan (Italy) investigated the influence of 432 Hz music on the perception of fear. This was done on the basis of a tooth root treatment. The results showed a significant reduction in subjective anxiety.

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